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Best tips to eat more vegetables

  • Include at least one vegetable-based dish for lunch or dinner.
  • Have always as a first course a salad, a soup, a vegetable stir-fry or any other dish made mainly with vegetables.
  • Keep a bowl of cut-up veggies in a see-through container in the fridge. You can keep there carrots, celery sticks, red or green pepper strips, broccoli or couliflower florets and cucumber slices.
  • Ask for more vegetables when eating out. Ask for steamed or sauteed veggies instead of fries as a side.
  • Buy enough vegetables to provide 2 servings each day.
  • Add grated carrots or zucchini to your traditional dishes or even to your muffins.
  • When cooking following a recipe, duplicate the quantity of vegetables.
  • Try a new vegetable every week. You can look for a recipe to cook it. Don't be afraid of experimenting with new veggies or recipes, It can be a lot of fun, specially if you get somebody else involved to go with you to the market to choose the new vegetables and cook them afterwards.
  • Choose seasonal vegetables because they'll be more in line with your budget and moreover they'll be at their peak flavor
  • A quick and easy way to cook is with the microwave. Sweet or white potatoes can also be baked this way
  • Buy frozen vegetables. They keep all the vitamins and you can cook them in the microwave when you don't have much time.
  • Stock up on a variety of vegetables, so you don't get bored of eating always the same ones.
  • Try raw or lightly steamed vegetables, like sugarsnaps, carrots or cauliflower. When they are crunchy you'll feel full sooner and moreover you'll obtain more vitamins.If you don't like them, you can use sauces or seasoning, but keep in mind you are adding many calories, saturated fat and sodium to the vegetables.
  • You can buy canned vegetables for when you don't have time to cook.
  • For dinner, a salad made up with pasta and tunna or chicken can be a great option. Go light on the salad dressing or use the low fat alternative.
  • When having pizza, top it up with vegetables like onions, mushrooms, peppers, fresh tomatoes...
  • If you have a barcacue, make grilled vegetable kabobs.
  • Add color to salads by adding shredded carrots, red cabbage or spinach leaves.
  • Decorate plates with colorful vegetables slices.
  • Include cooked dry beans or peas in mixed dishes such as stews or soups. 
  • Aim for variety as different vegetables are rich in different nutrients:
    • Dark green leafy vegetables are rich in iron, folate and calcium
    • Vegetables with intense colours contain more nutrients and phytochemicals (beneficial plant substances) than pale-coloured ones.
So eat a variety for maximum health benefits! 
And be creative! Experiment with vegetables in your cooking.

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