jueves, 4 de julio de 2013

Facts about alcohol you want to know

  1. Drinking water can lessen the effects of a hangover. If you don't want to feel awful the next day, drink water between alcoholic drinks and just before you go to bed. Remember that water won't make you any less drunk or protect your liver.
  2. Women are affected by alcohol doubly than men. Women have half of enzymes that metabolize alcohol, so we get twice the toxicity than men. Moreover, men have higher body water content than women (62% compared to 52%), meaning men are better able to dilute alcohol than women.
  3. Women who drink a lot find it more difficult to get pregnant. As few as five drinks every week may decrease a woman's chance of conceive. Alcohol also affect the fertility of men by its effect on sperm quality and quantity.
  4. One unit is 10 ml (8 g) of pure alcohol. Depending on your weight, it takes about one hour to process one unit of alcohol so there is none left in our blood. This is the equivalent to half a pint of lager, a glass of wine or a measure of a spirit.
  5. There is nothing that can sober you up except for time. Not even a cold shower, fresh air or hot coffee (you'll just feel less sleepy).
  6.  Alcohol is very fattening. It has 7 calories per gram (almost double than pure sugar!!!). For example, a large glass of red wine provides you with almost 200 "empty" calories. And any sugar in mixers or cocktails comes on top of the alcohol content of the spirits.
  7. Alcohol reduces our self-­control, making it easy to overeat.
  8. Alcohol reduces the amount of fat our body burns for energy. As we can't store alcohol, our body wants to get rid of it, and doing so takes priority. All of the other processes that should be taking place (including absorbing nutrients and burning fat) are interrupted.
  9. You should have a proper meal before you drink, high in carbohydrates and proteins. Lining your stomach with a big meal before drinking will delay the absorption of alcohol and it will take longer to get into your bloodstream, but it won't prevent it.
  10. Switching between different drinks won't make you more drunk. Mixing beer, wine or spirits may make you sicker by upsetting your stomach, but not more intoxicated.
  11. The more you drink, the more tolerance your body develops, but the more your body is harmed. Tolerance can actually be seen as a warning sign that your body has started to be affected by alcohol.
  12. Alcohol is a depressant. Although initially you may feel more energetic or cheerful because it depresses your inhibitions, at the end it is going to steal your energy and happiness and you'll lose the control of your emotions and reactions.

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