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10 false beliefs about what makes you put on weight or lose it

Here are some common and enduring food myths:
  1. Bread makes you put on weight. What increases the calories of bread is usually what you spread on it (butters, sauces...) or you accompany with (sausages, bacon...).
  2. If you have fruit as a dessert, you´ll put on weight. You are going to get the same calories either you eat the fruit before or after the meal. But if you eat it before, thanks to its high amount of water and fiber, you´ll feel full sooner.
  3. Drink water during meals make you put on weight. Water doesn´t have calories, so it doesn´t matter when you drink it, except for the satiety it produces. That´s why it´s recommended to drink a glass of water just before you are going to eat.
  4. If you eat carbs and proteins in the same meal you´ll put on weight. The ¨dissociated diet¨ doesn´t make any sense as most of the foods contain both nutrients.
  5. Light food make you lose weight. Light products are those which have a minimum of 30% less calories. But they still can be very fattening. For exemple, the regular potato chips have an average of 530 calories per 100g, and the light chips have 460 calories. If we compare the light chips with a regular yogurt, which have around 50 calories, do you still think that the "light" version of chips is going to help you to lose weight?...
  6. Acidic fruits make you lose weight.  No food has the capability make you lose weight. There isn´t any food with "negative calories" that make your body spend more calories than that food is providing you.
  7. Mono-diets help you lose weight. These diets consist of eating only one type of food for that day. They are very low in calories so you are going to lose weight, but not only from fat, but also from lean mass. This is going to provoque your metabolism you slow down, so you´ll gain back all the weight you lost plus some extra grams.
  8. Vitamins make you put on weight. They don´t have calories, so it´s imposible they make you gain weight.
  9. Foods rich in carbohydrates are forbidden for diabetics.  They just have to adjust the intake of carbohydrates with the insulin and their physical activity to achieve adequate control glucose levels.
  10. Skipping a meal will make you lose weight. Actually what happens is the opposite, you are going to get very hungry and with anxiety to the next meal and you are going to overeat. You should have 5 or even 6 small meals a day.

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