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14 november: World Diabetes Day - Know the facts

1 in 2 people with diabetes don't know they have it.
  • Do you have its warning signs?:
    • Frecuent urination. 
    • Excesive thirst. 
    • Lack of energy. 
    • Weight loss.
      • These signs can be mild of absent in people with type 2 diabetes. 
      • If you think you are at risk, get tested.
  • There are several types of diabetes:
    • Type 1: When the pancreas doesn't produce insulin.
    • Type 2: When the pancreas doesn't produce ENOUGH insulin or the insulin can't be processed. 
    • Gestational diabetes: When insulin is less effective during pregnancy.
  • Up to 80% of type 2 diabetes is preventable by changing diet, increasing physical activity and improving the living environment. 
    • 30 minutes of exercise a day can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 40%
  • Diabetes affects all age groups. People with diabetes are just like you and me.
  • Diabetes is a global killer, rivaling HIV/AIDS in its deadly reach. The disease kills more than 4 million people a year. Every 7 seconds a person dies from diabetes-related causes
  • Diabetes affects both men and women, and is rising among women. It is also increasing dramatically among youth and threatening to decimate indigenous populations.
  • Diabetes hits all populations, regardless of income. It is becoming increasingly common everywhere. 

This is the Diabetes Food Pyramid:

For more info visit www.worlddiabetesday.org

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